All About MAP

All about our Marijuana Abstinence Program (MAP)

Creative Treatment Options is addressing the need for a specialized program that focuses on marijuana.  For over 15 years, CTO has offered the Marijuana Abstinence Program (MAP) as an alternative to traditional relapse prevention or generic education programs.  All the material and components are marijuana-specific.

 The active ingredients in marijuana often create a unique set of tendencies and outcomes for clients, which are not usually addressed in other programs.  Over the past 15 years of MAP we have developed and refined a program that has had many successful outcomes.

We recognize the changing nature of culture, legislation, and research regarding marijuana, and are continually integrating new information, context, and perspective to keep our program a leader in the field  of marijuana-specific treatment.

 Our program acknowledges and embraces the rapid pace of change in our world, and has adapted to a diverse clientele, regardless of referral source.  We structure our program around 3 specific elements:

MAP Group Goals

  1. Increase understanding
  2. Implement coping philosophies and skills
  3. Make better choices

These three straightforward goals encompass a considerable amount of information, traditionally presented over 20 weeks, with the weekly sessions lasting approximately 2 hours.

Group Structure

The material is presented over 20 weeks, 2 hours per week for a total of 40 hours of group therapy. Admission is closed after the fourth week of the program.

During the first third of the program, clients are educated on the unique properties of marijuana, the history of marijuana in cultures worldwide, changing regulation of marijuana, and common myths associated with the substance.  Included in this part of the program is a comprehensive discussion of neurobiology and the role of the human body in addiction and behavior

Following a foundation of science, research and information, clients are shown how this data informs a comprehensive coping philosophy that is rooted in social realities.  It has been shown that clients respond better when they understand how coping methods work and can help them. Understanding of how the human body functions increases the efficacy of coping and life-betterment techniques like mindfulness, relaxation and nutrition.

 In the concluding weeks, we discuss rational, practical methods to avoid risk and make better choices through the examination and implementation of numerous cognitive models that acknowledge the applied changing social dynamics and values of our world.

A few other important notes about MAP:

  • Compatibility with DUI tracks as clinically indicated.
  • Program attendance is capped at 3 unexcused absences.
  • Recommended 3/month UA’s to start, with titration as an incentive.
  • 10 weeks additional group for positive UA’s after 10 weeks and/or too many missed groups.
  • Medicaid eligible.
  • Suitable for diverse referral populations, from 18-80 years old.
  • Includes self-assesment designed to chart progress and improve self-awareness and empowerment.

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