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Marijuana Abstinence Program (MAP) Information

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Marijuana Abstinence Program (MAP) description

This program is designed for the unique needs of the marijuana user, and has been refined over 11 years of developing research and techniques.  The material and information presented in this program are based on the most current knowledge, and integrates a mind-body approach with practical, useful skills, and knowledge tailored to marijuana users and marijuana dependent individuals.

This program is eligible for coverage as a Medicaid benefit. During our initial Intake/Assessment process, our Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) will diagnose the candidate's substance abuse levels. If treatment is diagnosed to be medically necessary, and if the candidate is eligible for Medicaid, our MAP program can be covered by Medicaid.

This 20-week program is designed to support and assist an individual through the early recovery and withdrawal period, then changes focus to creating coping strategies and relapse prevention skills.  This is a closed group format, which enables the group members to support and motivate one another throughout their recovery process. 

 Topics and skills developed include:

  • Relapse prevention skills.
  • Integrated mind-body techniques that address withdrawal symptoms.
  • Cognitive-behavioral techniques that address cognitive distortions.
  • Stress reduction skills.
  • Psycho-educational topics that address the neurobiological issues related to cannabis use.
  • Nutritional awareness.
  • Dependency symptoms specific to cannabis use and abuse.


This class runs for 20-week, and each class combines state-of-the-art information with experiential and written exercises designed to develop skills and reinforce learning.  Each group session runs for approximately 2 hours.

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