Who We Are, What We Specialize In, and What Feeds Our Soul


Meet Amy Offerle, RP at Creative Treatment Options.

Amy Offerle, RP

Specialities: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Amy’s passion for people began when she spent time living in Haiti, where she conducted health assessments on children living in an orphanage. This is where she discovered her innate ability in connecting with and helping others.  Her time spent in Haiti solidified her decision to follow her dream and enter her field of work.

Meet Bryan Standley, BS at Creative Treatment Options.

Bryan Standley, BS

Specialties: The development, acquisition, and application of Information Technology

Bryan's passions are funky jazz music, neuroscience, Buddhism, and adding business management and technology to support the business of outpatient counseling.

Meet Camerine Anderson, BS, BA, LSW at Creative Treatment Options.

Camerine Anderson, BS, BA, LSW

Specialties: Trauma and DBT

Camerine loves being a part of change and supporting others to experience their own strength. She also enjoys running during the fall and hearing the crunchy leaves under my feet.

Meet Candace Wolfe, BS, RP at Creative Treatment Options.

Candace “Candy” Wolfe, BS, RP

Specialties: Care Coordination and COG

Candace's kids & family, faith, cats, and Taekwondo all feed her soul.

Meet Christopher Dow, BS, CACIII at Creative Treatment Options.

Christopher Dow, BS, CACIII

Specialties: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Christopher's soul is fed by keeping in mind everyone has difficulty with something. It is all just shaped differently. Humor, connection to others, and one's self are the foundation for change.

Meet Deborah Meissner, MA, LAC, DVAP at Creative Treatment Options.

Deborah Meissner, MA, LAC, DVAP

Domestic Violence, Stimulant Specific Therapy, and Offender Specific Therapy

Deborah's soul is fed and nurtured by her partner and daughter, her pups, squirrels, the moon in all its glory, and sports. Art is an important piece in recharging her soul, creating and enjoying others. Believing that change is possible in others and the responsibility to lead by example.

Meet Dehlia Summers, BA at Creative Treatment Options.

Dehlia Summers, BA

Specialties: Administration

Meet Jacob Bailey, BS, CAC II, CCTP at Creative Treatment Options.

Jacob Bailey, BS, CAC II, CCTP

Specialties: MRT, SSIC, Trauma, Addiction, and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Jacob's soul is fed in the saddle on top of a horse.

Meet Jessica Gillis, MA, CACII, DVAP at Creative Treatment Options.

Jessica Gillis, MA, CACII, DVAP

Specialties: Domestic Violence

Finding the beauty in life through nature and connection is how Jessica feeds her soul.

Meet Jonathan Ramirez at Creative Treatment Options.

Jonathan Ramirez

Specialties: Peer Support

What feeds Jonathan's soul is spending time outdoors with his family.

Meet Dr. Joyce Smith, PsyD, LPC, LAC, MAC, ACS at Creative Treatment Options.

Dr. Joyce Smith, PsyD, LPC, LAC, MAC, ACS

Specialties: Addictions Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Marriage and Family Counseling, Alcoholism, and Drug Abuse Counseling

Joyce successfully predicts the Academy Awards winners every year because she loves film. She practices yoga and mindfulness. She loves to cook with her family and she reads obsessively. Her passion in life has been to provide a space of healing, honesty, and responsibility for the community she serves. Joyce whole-heartedly believes we become strong in our broken places as we heal and it is her goal to embody this in her daily life.

Meet Kathryn Scott, MA, LPC at Creative Treatment Options.

Kathryn (Katy) Scott, MA., LPC

Specialties: Level II Four Plus Program

Katherin's soul is fed through the little things in life and Mexican food.

Kate Taylor, MA, LPCC, MBA at Creative Treatment Options.

Kate Taylor, MA, LPCC, MBA

Specialties: Grant Managing and Peer Liaising

Kate's soul is fed by experiencing different cultures through travel and spending time with her wonderful friends, family, and animals.

Meet Kelsey Goss, BA, RP, MA, CCTP, Reiki Master at Creative Treatment Options.

Kelsey Goss, BA, RP, MA, CCTP, Reiki Master

Specialties: DBT, Level II Education, and Trauma

What makes Kelsey's soul happy is cats laying in sunbeams, collecting crystal skulls, and spending time with the people that she loves most.

Meet Lilly Cervantes at Creative Treatment Options.

Lilly Cervantes

Specialties: Administration, Cleaning, Criminal Justice, and Finance

My soul is fed by all types of music, singing, dancing, cooking, cleaning, and FOOD - all types of food.

Meet Lydia Simmons, LPC, LAC at Creative Treatment Options.

Lydia Simmons, LPC, LAC

Specialties: Four Plus Counseling

Lydia feeds her soul by hiking the high peaks of Colorado!

Meet Marie Archambault, BS CACIII at Creative Treatment Options.

Marie Archambault, BS CACIII

Specialties: Intensive Out Patient, (IOP) Treatment, and the HOPE Group

Maria feeds her soul with her love of running, yoga, music, and watching the shift of recovery occur with her clients who initially felt hopeless and lost.

Meet Matt Lavender at Creative Treatment Options.

Matt Lavender

Administration and Client relations

Things that excite Matt's soul are Brazilian Jiujutsu and comic books.

Meet Michael Fabian, MA, LPC, CACII at Creative Treatment Options.

Michael Fabian, MA, LPC, CACII

Specialties: Counseling and Group Facilitation Cannabis Abstinence Program

Rhythm, Rosemary, and Revolutions feed my soul.

Meet Rose Arman at Creative Treatment Options.

Rose Arman

Specialties: Administration and Client relations

Meet Scott Wilson, MA at Creative Treatment Options.

Scott Wilson, MA

Specialties: Clinical Quality Management, On-Site Substance Abuse, Court Liaising

Things that feed Scott's soul are his family and friends, who help give him the drive he carries each day. He has also come to love helping those that are missing their own voice, or who have had their voice taken, feel heard.

Meet Tonya Smith, BS, MA, NCC, RP, LPCC at Creative Treatment Options.

Tonya Smith, BS, MA, NCC, RP, LPCC

Specialties: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Counseling Through Change

Nature, yoga, sunshine, hikes, road-tripping, and sushi feed Tonya's soul.

Meet Victoria Medina, BS, RP at Creative Treatment Options.

Victoria Medina, BS, RP

Specialties: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, TPC, and DANCR

“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can” ~Frida Kahlo~

Meet Judy Lopez, BS, CAC III at Creative Treatment Options.

Judy Lopez, BS, CAC III

Specialties: Counseling, SSC, Criminal Justice, and Homelessness

Family is what feeds Judy's soul! She's also passionate about instilling HOPE when someone is feeling Hopeless.