Wednesday, 22 July 2020 11:18

A Guide to Court-Ordered Treatment in Denver, CO

More than 20 million Americans in the United States suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Substance use disorders not only negatively affect the individual – they cause ripple effects throughout that person’s circle of family and friends, their community, and our society. In a perfect world, people who struggle with addiction would seek rehab on their own, but it’s often difficult for them to see past their addiction. Often, without help, their substance use disorders can cause a host of legal issues. If you have been charged with a drug or alcohol-related crime, you may be lucky enough to receive a court-ordered treatment in Denver.

What is court-ordered treatment?

Court-ordered treatment is a type of mandatory treatment that is ordered and supervised by the criminal justice system. In the past, substance use disorders were seen as a moral failing and treated as a criminal matter, which often resulted in jail time. However, recent medical and scientific research has found that addiction and substance use disorders are public health issues. Thanks to these findings, treatment for people with substance use disorders has shifted towards rehabilitation methods rather than incarceration.

The specific types of court-ordered treatment programs will depend on your location and the wishes of the judge on your case. These programs could include:

  • Educational programs: These are the most common (and easily accessible) types of substance use disorder treatment programs. These treatments work to educate individuals on the correlation between substance use disorders and criminal offenses. Participants learn how to stay drug- and alcohol-free.
  • Therapy and counseling: This method often involves group therapy that focuses on helping individuals enhance their skills in establishing and maintaining a balanced lifestyle that is conducive to their ongoing sobriety and recovery.
  • Outpatient programs: This is a program for offenders who do not meet the established criteria for residential treatment. These are often highly structured, interactive therapy groups for high-risk teens and adults that work to help establish coping mechanisms and relapse prevention skills.
  • Residential-based programs: This is an intense, on-site program that requires a person to live at the treatment center.

Is court-ordered treatment effective?

Nearly 80% of all offenses that lead to jail time in the United States stem from alcohol or drug abuse. And almost 20% of inmates say they committed their crime in order to obtain money to buy drugs or alcohol. But unfortunately, jail and prison sentences fail to fix the underlying issue of drug addiction. Court-ordered treatment helps individuals get the help they really need to manage their substance use disorder and live a life free from crime.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), “Findings show unequivocally that providing comprehensive drug abuse treatment to criminal offenders works, reducing both drug abuse and criminal recidivism.”

Where to find court-ordered treatment in Denver

If you’re struggling with substance use disorder and criminal charges, reach out to us at Creative Treatment Options. We offer a number of programs you need to fulfill your court-ordered treatment including DUI/DWAI groups, outpatient programs, and educational programs.

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