Anger management treatment in Denver.

What Is Anger Management Treatment?

Our anger management treatment program is designed to help clients—both voluntary and involuntary—who need to understand and cope with anger in more productive ways. The goal of the treatment in our 12-week and 24-week programs is to therapeutically confront the attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that support the client’s destructive behavior. The material presented will also teach specific skills that promote adaptive strategies with no adverse consequences.

Treatment modality consists of lecture, discussion, videos, and role-playing to help the clients integrate cognitive-behavioral concepts.

Who is it for? Motivated men and women who have a history of anger management issues (e.g. assault, property damage, etc.). Special emphasis is placed on the treatment of individuals who are involved with the criminal justice system.

Why this group? This cognitive-based treatment program works to reduce the difficulties brought on by poor anger management skills and increases the client's chances of reducing their involvement with the criminal justice system, in addition to achieving and maintaining sobriety if they have substance use issues.

Topics and skills:

  • Identify the different types of anger
  • Identify positive and negative uses for anger
  • Effective and assertive communication skills
  • Learning to identify defensiveness
  • Developing an individualized step-by-step anger management plan
  • Power and control as they relate to anger
  • Active listening
  • Conflict resolution
  • Beliefs-objectification and stereotypes
  • Rules for constructive arguments

Structure and format: This is a 12 or 24-week program and each class combines state-of-the-art information with experiential and written exercises designed to enhance skill development and reinforce learning.