Monitored sobriety program in Denver.

Those who want to fully recover from substance abuse issues have a long and difficult journey ahead. In order to overcome these issues, individuals who struggle with substance abuse will need to grapple with a great deal of emotional and psychological hardships on their path to recovery. Fortunately, individuals can find relief, guidance, and support from substance abuse support groups in Denver, and you won’t find a better support group than your close friends and family.

At Creative Treatment Options, we offer a free program called “Support and Training for Families and Friends” to help supportive people engage in more meaningful ways with substance abusers during their path to recovery.

How Do We Approach Support and Training for Families and Friends?

This program is specifically designed to help friends, families, and concerned significant others of those struggling with substance abuse. All of our sessions are performed with a professional counselor and any family members or friends who are dealing or have dealt with the same substance abuse issues.

During these hour-long sessions, our counseling staff will:

  • Share proven skills and strategies with the group to help you all communicate better with substance abusers.
  • Help you learn meaningful ways to help improve your own self-care and well-being.
  • Guide participants to practice positive reinforcements and reward healthy behaviors with substance abusers.

Attendees will practice conversational skills during these sessions to productively communicate feelings and offer support for their loved ones experiencing substance abuse issues.

There’s no registration required and there’s no charge for classes or the materials involved, including Narcan training and kits. This type of environment helps cultivate reliable and effective substance abuse support groups in Denver for struggling individuals because it engages individuals in your close circle: your friends and family.

The Success of Our Substance Abuse Support Groups in Denver

Our Support and Training for Families and Friends program has been proven to work across different ethnic and age groups, as well as a variety of different substances. Our program has a lot to offer you and your loved ones, including:

  • People who attend our Support and Training for Families and Friends program successfully engage their loved one in treatment 70% of the time
  • The program helps decrease substance use at home, even if the person does not enter treatment
  • It helps improve the relationship between you and the person using

Join at Any Time!

No registration is required to attend. Meetings take place every Wednesday from 5:00 pm-6:00 pm at our office in Commerce City. Attendees are welcome to join us in-person, virtually, or over the phone!

If you’re ready to gain the important skills to better support someone in your life who struggles with substance abuse, we are ready to help at Creative Treatment Options.

Contact our team today to learn more about this innovative substance abuse support program.